Marlaina Read

A note on tools
I used a Mamiya RB67 and Pentax Honeywell analogue cameras, but currently use a Fuji GF670 rangefinder. I use Fuji and Ilford films. I rarely use digital cameras, and I sometimes use things like lenses and plastics and prisms to create colours. I like to think of my work as lo-fi.

Email and questions
Please talk to me about exhibition opportunities, print editions and publication or design requests.

Other projects
Starting Points & Destinations (Honours paper)
Terrains of Hesitation (MFA dissertation)
Rituals for Better Living (in progress)

Noel Ruiz Photographer, painter
Shannon Photographer
Kim Winderman Photographer, designer
Margaret Bowes Painter, installation
Jahnne Pascoe White Sculpture, drawing, installation
Amy Tavern Jeweller, metalsmith, textiles
Melody Woodnutt Curator, installation, interdisciplinary, public works
Guido Van Helten Street artist
Lidia Malynowskyj Sculpture
Yogan Muller Photography, conceptual
Chris Boni Filmmaker, painting, scriptwriter
Melissa Fisher Textile, installation, production design
Alanna Lorenzon Drawing, painting, collage
Jessie Bullivant Tnstallation, drawing, interdisciplinary
Andrew Rewald Performance, sculpture, installation
Sam Heydt photography, film-maker
Katelyn Clark Musician
Scott Miles Painter
Hanne Piasecki Photography
Yuula Benivolski Sculpture, painting, illustration, photography
Nadia Gohar Painting
Helena Kvarnstrom Photography, writing
Chad Liebenguth Illustration, film-making, sound
Xenia Benivolski Curator, Interdisciplinary
Zeesy Powers Performance, Filmmaking
Magda O Photography, film-making, writing
Daniel Gustav Cramer Photography
Chloe Langford Sculpture, Illustration, installation
Brigid Noone Painting
Akira Akira Sculpture, Installation
Matt Glenn Painting, Sculpture, Curator
Texta Queen Drawing, Performance
Amira H Performance, film-making
Shaka Photography
M Kitchell Design, writing, poetry, mixed media

Galleries and Art Places
But Does It Float?
Australian Experimental Art Foundation
Firstdraft Gallery
Res artis
West Space
Gertrude Contemporary
Format Collective
This is not art
Mop Projects
Runway Magazine
Les Territoires